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Peridot boutique is owned and operated by two childhood friends. An artist and microbiologist gone entreupenuer. Keep reading as I write to inform you of fashion in and around Peridot.Local and national designers. Bringing you the freshest looks in fashion for affordable prices, making sure you have fun shopping, purchasing and wearing these looks and being certin that you come back for more is what Peridot offers you.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

New Beginnings, Infinite Thank Yous

Peridot has been my second home for more then the past two years. I've scene employees and customers come and go, style after style come in and out and the space inside mold into just about every display arrangement possible. Peridot's success continues to grow, as do I. It's hard but at the same time exciting to write that we are parting ways. No worries! The great "one-stop-shopping" neighborhood boutique is staying put with a great new staff to assist your fashion needs. I however, am moving on but not far. Queen Anne has always been my home; I've lived and worked in Queen Anne ever since I moved to Seattle 6 years ago. You can be sure to find me just up the hill. My plans to move on include exploring the local fashion industry. Always drawn to the aesthetics of and in life; I take pride in knowing that other woman appreciate me bringing this sense to their fashion ventures. Creative organic textures, shapes, colors, proportions, symmetry. It's appropriate that I've come to this point on my journey. Supporting, promoting, purchasing, living and breathing sustainable fashion and art in my community is my ultimate passion and goal! It's the journey and the process that I love. It's the lifestyle that I want to promote. I'm happy to take action amidst the beauty of it all.

infinite thank yous


Peridot Customers
It has been wonderful greeting and meeting all of the lovely faces that walk into Peridot on a daily basis, weather it's because you need that something stylish/chic for the next event or subtle/sexy for an evening with mr. charming, planning a trip to Hawaii or Whistler or because you need a destination away from the office. Always know, YOU are the most gratifying part of the Peridot world. I've been fortunate to form friendships that started with the "super cute dress in the window." Fashion and Friends, what more could a girl ask for?


Special Thanks!
To Jon, I love you!
To Liza, you are truly a lovely person. Everyone should have a friendly fortune cookie like you in life.
To Darnell, How much does my fun meter spike when I run into to you out and about on the local fashion beat? You really know how to throw a party!
To Miss Carrie, your creativity and craft are an inspiration! I feel I've met a true artist and here's to your future!
To Samia, here's to small worlds and our special place in them!
To Mellissa, from one Taurus to another. I'll run with you anywhere!

To Balou & Miss Erika, there is nothing quite like sharing a closet with a sister or a niece, I'm lucky enough to share with both.


Last but not least to Minh, Nhung and Tweety

..the successful entrepreneurs that you are. You make quite the team. That is the most amazing aspect about you and I totally respect all three of you for that. Thank you for all of the opportunities to be creative. Dylan will always remember how happy he was to be able to come to work with his mommy. He says, "bow wow!" Until we cross paths again, just knowing that we're not far away makes my world brighter. I will cherish all of the memories.

Yes. This is the end of the Peridot blog and Peridot's local designer shows...... At least for now :)
In the spirit of Heidi Klumm,
auf wiedersehen!


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Cintli and Kimmi keep us warm and bright!

February 7th was a cold rainy night in soggy Seattle but inside Peridot it was warm and bright! Enjoying food, wine and each other's company made the night a success! Not to mention a few friends who have been to just about every one of our shows. Take a look at the photos below and enjoy!

Beto is owner of Cintli, fine Mexican Jewelry. His glowing talents originate from Mexico where he grew up and developed his skillful hand with glass, silver and wood.


Kim is owner of Kimmi Designs. I respect the way she captures the shape of a woman's body. Each piece of her clothing is unique and has depth. Kim has an eye for beautiful vintage textiles. Drapes, table clothes or old flour sacks are just some examples. The re-purposed materials are hand sewn by Kim into beautiful pieces of woman's clothing. Catch her at Girl Power Hour Goes Green Fashion Show event this spring!!


blown glass, silver and crystals all by Cintli


One of my favorite Kimmi pieces. This belted dress/skirt is amazing. Love the ethnic embroidery!


More of Kimmi designs using re-purposed materials. Two of the three styles are available at Peridot until March 14. One has sold out! Better hop to it before they all do!!!


Peridot trunk show groupies, Katherine and Heidi. They have attended every one of our trunk shows...thanks ladies!!!!


drea & Beto


Kim & drea



Much love and success to our local fashion designers!! Keep on doing what you love the most and I'll keep on supporting you...connecting you with our community one event at a time! Cheers and many thanks!! -drea

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Two designers you will love!

Join Peridot as we celebrate the talent of Cintli and Kimmi.
Two local designers you'll love!

As always, receive special event only discounts, (new spring arrivals!),
goodie bags and happy hour appetizer & aperitifs.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


New at Peridot is a local designer with superb style, Suzabelle. Her way of calling great attention to subtle detail and accenting it with piping seems to be part of her signature style. Oh, no means are we to put such an artist in any defined category. She offers variety with in her classical elements. You can find this fine lady-like fashion at Peridot for a limited time only. Sorry! We wish we could have her for a longer time. It is certainly a pleasure! For now it's temporary, so be sure not to miss it. Although what we have in the store consists mostly of Spring '07 remainders, they're still selling like the latest thang! So far, our customers are intrigued and want to know more. Perhaps, if we're nice she'll grace us with some of her future styles.

One of my personal favorites is the Andria Cardigan in warm grey or coca. Sold out on the web, still available at Peridot. Another sweet favorite is the Riviera Dress. Find out more about Suzabelle at Enjoy! I certainly do!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

New Denim Arrivals!

If you don't have a pair of Level 99 denim in your closet, get some! Peridot picked up the designer denim about a year ago. They're our best selling denim. We love the variety of styles, the sure to flatter fit and price point. Our customers love them too! Two new styles have been ordered and will be for sale at the store soon. The Laguna and the Dorthy, it has a slightly higher rise and is a great going out to dinner jean..a bit dressier compared to the Laguna. The Chloe is hard to get ahold of these days but our connections will help us out if any show up in the warehouse ;) At Peridot we try to do what ever we can to bring our customers the jeans we know they love! They're not in the store this minute but like I said, they'll be arriving soon. Be sure to stop by the store in the next few weeks.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Karazi Design on the Winter Solstice

As the Winter Solstice set into the motion longer days, thank you Mother Earth and Father Moon, designer Samia Shalabi and friends gathered at Peridot where Karazi Designs decorated the belly of Peridot in silver, gold, found glass pieces from the beaches of the World Wars, Czech glass beads and precious stones from all parts of the world including belled pendents from Africa and various adornments from the Middle East. We had a fabulous time having Samia as our guest. The trunk show was successful! While the designer is now on the other side of this world scouting out more treasures to soon turn into pieces of wearable art a small collection of her current work is being housed at Peridot. Stop by the store to take a look. Some have already sold to good homes. Prices are good and this locally made jewelry is such a perfect gift for someone you!

End of Year Sale!

Come and check out the store! Everything is 20% off.... including already marked down items. Everything in the store is on sale! Shoes, accessories, hand bags, tops, denim, trousers, hats, t-shirts. Between 20% and 70% off is such a steal!!!